Alesis QS6.2 Synth

I recently fired up my old Alesis QS6.2 synth after a long hiatus, only to discover the user bank was hosed. Not only did I want those sounds to play with, but they have special significance to me, since I worked on them while I was at Alesis!

Opening up the unit, I found out sure enough that the battery was dead. It was pretty easy to find a source online, so I ordered a replacement.

Replacing the Battery

Doing battery swap requires de-soldering the existing battery from the PC board, which is not trivial. Ideally, you’d have a good soldering gun and a “solder-sucker” or a good solder wick. I had neither but I got it off, albeit sloppily.

Then, I had to solder the new battery on.  Again, if you have a solder-sucker or wick, you can clear the holes of solder and simply drop the battery in. If you don’t, it’s more difficult.

If you’ve never done anything like this before, I recommend taking your unit in to an authorized repair center get the battery professionally replaced.

Finding the QS User Bank

I figured it would then be easy to find the QS6.2 User Bank sysex file online. But to my surprise, the Alesis website didn’t have it. Apparently, it underwent a major overhaul and this old file didn’t make it through the migration. UPDATE #1: I found a page for legacy Alesis products here!  You can find the downloads for almost all old Alesis products there. UPDATE #2: the Alesis download links seem to be broken after you try to enter your email address. Sorry! Try emailing Alesis customer support to complain.

Searching through my old computer files, I found it on my computer from when I worked on it!

Here it Is!!

So, as a public service to all of you QS6/6.1/6.2 fans out there, here is the original factory QS6.2 User Bank sysex file.

To load this into your QS synth, you’ll need a MIDI interface for your computer and some MIDI software. On Windows, I use Cakewalk or MIDI-OX (free).  Enjoy!!

Leave me a comment below if you have a QS synth! – Brian

p.s., this is the NAMM show display where we introduced the QS6.2 synth back in 2002. I was the engineer in charge of the update from the QS6.1 to QS6.2. I upgraded the D/A converters, improved the analog PCB layout to eliminate hum in the outputs, improved the button layout ergonomics, and updated the colors (from black to silver). Oh, and I re-programmed the user bank!

Alesis QS6.2 at NAMM 2002
Alesis QS6.2 at NAMM 2002


  1. Hello Brian or anyone else with this familiar issue.

    My Alesis Q 6.1 has annoying output hum. Can no longer send directly to PA as noise is distressing. Please advise. Love the Alesis but must overcome this problem or upgrade to a fresh synth. Thanks Dan

    • Hi Dan,

      First, I’d say, change up your AC power strips to make sure it’s not a ground loop problem. Plug in your QS into the same or different outlet as your PA to experiment.

      Another option – does the headphone jack also have hum? You could use that output to go to a PA if it doesn’t (with the volume turned low).

      If you google around you can find articles about QS6.1 hum, but most require some electronics knowledge to address:

      Otherwise, you’d have to take it to a service center, or get a new synth.


  2. You have no idea how grateful I am for this post! Trouble is, I am by far the lay-est of laymen when it comes to the innards of anything electronic.
    My QS is about ten yrs old. It’s my favorite of all my sundry instruments. Is a battery change difficult, or should I just take it to a dealer?
    is there a tutorial somewhere for uploading the User Bank? Can I do it through Logic9?

    • Hi Joe,

      If you’re not comfortable using a soldering iron, I suggest taking your unit to an authorized repair center.

      Check your Logic9 manual on how to upload sysex files.


  3. The exact same just happened to me. I should have my user bank with some editings I did myself back in the day saved somewhere. But not the factory default, so thanks for the file! Will provide the battery replacement and reload it.
    Btw, I always used Bome’s Send SX ( program to backup/restore the user data in my QS 6.2, and it always worked flawlessly. So, there you have a cheap alternative (as cheap as a post card). 🙂

  4. Hello Jeff,
    Any ideas where I might find the same info for the user banks for the QS 8.1? The links on the page that you used arent working anymore, or at least the 1 for the QS 8.1 isnt. I also changed my battery in mine 2 years ago and lost I believe the bank user sounds. I know I am missing the bank with the Pure Piano and 4 Draw Rock organ, etc. Everything else seems to be there. Just missing all the Bank User sounds. I also have 2 sound cards installed, which I have tried removing and resetting to no avail. Any ideas?

    I just purchased a mint QS 6.1. The battery is almost dead I believe since it wont stay in tune. It keeps dropping maybe a 1/2 step. I am getting the battery replaced and dont want the same thing to happen to this keyboard. 🙂 Also is there a way to midi them together and just do a Sys dump from the 6.1 to the 8.1 to get the sounds back?

  5. After replacing a dead battery and reloading SysEx files(thanks for this) onto keyboard, am having a challenge setting up Effects Configurations 3 & 5, LEZLIE+REVERB and OVERDRIVE+LEZLIE, and am finding the user’s manual challenging, leading to my question: How is, for example, SEND1 set up (Configuration 3) through LEZLIE, DelSND/PCH, DELAY1, RvbIN1/IN2, REVERB? Once I set the configuration, I’m having a challenge routing the effect. Maybe I should read the manual more. Thanks,

  6. Just dug my 6.2 outta moth balls to find battery dead and user bank fried. This helps greatly!! Thanks, Reno

  7. Man, THIS is public service. Thank you very much!

    And I must say I got negatively impressed with Alesis’ site. In the Legacy list I just couldn’t find the Quadrasynth. Does Alesis regret it? I think my QS6.2 is a very nice synth. Good job! : )

  8. Brian, Just bought a QS6 on ebay, no display (screen glows green but no data display) also no sound output. Just wondering…even if I reinitialize the synth still makes no sound. Does this have anything to do with having no visible data on the screen enabling me to navigate to a patch? BTW I ordered a new screen on the way, just hoping it’s not the motherboard. Visibly everything looks ok on the motherboard. Components warm up as they should…….any insight would be appreciated! Thanks,


      • Thanks for the insight, Brian! I guess I have one more question..lets say theoretically the synth is working normally, if you were to re-initialize to factory settings by pressing 0 and 3 simultaneously while powering up, would you be able to play a sound right afterwards, or would you have to scroll thru the menu and choose a patch in order to make a sound? (With a blank screen and no display, I’m wondering if a sequence of commands are needed to produce a sound from a mix or a program first…)

  9. Brian: thank you for the post / SysEx file – a lifesaver! I am basic MIDI conversant (with note values, CC’s, etc.), but not SysEx saves and loads. Could you note the brief principles of how to send the SysEx file to the synth using something like MIDI-OX (and anything I need do on the synth to set it up to receive)? Many thanks…


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