ESRI Zip Code Lookup Tool

Are you planning to move, relocate, or just take an extended vacation in a different part of the country?  I recently saw a presentation by one of the developers of the Zip Code Lookup Tool, which gives you really cool demographic information about any zip code before you visit.

Just go to the Zip Code Lookup Tool and enter your zip code.  Although the site does draw from census data, it also looks at many other factors such as the number of Starbucks coffee shops and Whole Foods stores in the area.

Starbuck's on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica

I found it really accurate, and my friends who have used it have told me it’s extremely accurate – to the point of being almost scary.  But rest assured, it only uses the zip code and publicly-available information.  It does not use any of your private information.

The site works great on desktop but a bit confusing on mobile (it requires Silverlight).  Hopefully they’ll improve this.

I hope it is helpful to you.  Let me know if it’s accurate for your area! – Brian



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