benzoil peroxide and zeno acne treatment

I have struggled with acne ever since junior high. Now, living with acne in my forties, I was wondering if I’d ever outgrow it. You name the treatment, I’ve tried it, from Retin-A, to Accutane (yes, the bad drug that lawsuits are now happening over, which didn’t work for me).

After a lifetime of trial and error, I have found one simple trick that basically cured me of acne. Of course everyone is different, so what works for me might not work for you, but I hope my experience (and experiments!) will at least help you in some way.

So here’s the simple trick that cured my acne:

I Stopped Drinking Milk!

Yeah, it’s that simple. My brother tried excluding milk from his diet and he hasn’t had an acne breakout in years, after struggling with acne like I did.

I used to have a bowl of cereal with milk every morning. After talking to him, I switched to almond milk, and my acne virtually disappeared!!!  Studies have shown a link between milk and acne, most likely due to the hormones.

The great thing is that other dairy products don’t seem to cause as much acne for me as skim milk does, so I still eat cheese occasionally.

I wish I had known this years ago!!!  I could have saved myself so much pain and embarrassment. Simply cutting out my morning bowl of cereal with milk eliminated 95% of my acne!!!!

Other Treatments

These are other acne treatments I’ve tried with some success (but not as much as cutting out milk):

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Before I discovered the milk trick, I used a lot of Benzoyl Peroxide. After all of the expensive prescription creams I’ve tried, this old stand-by does a good job of drying out my skin, and I believe, cutting down on acne breakouts.

Now an important word on this treatment. When I was a kid in junior high, I tried Benzoyl Peroxide and it didn’t work because was using it incorrectly. I would dab it on to the trouble spots when I had an outbreak. This is completely wrong!!! You have to slather it liberally all over the areas of your face where acne occurs, BEFORE pimples show up!! I mean, spread it around like lotion. I use it before I go to bed, and in the morning, mainly on and around my nose, forehead, and chin. The cream will dry out your face massively at first, so beware. You might want to just try one application, see what happens, and increase the treatments gradually. I usually buy the cheap drugstore-generic version, not the brand-names. Anything with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide should be fine.

2. Zeno to Treat Outbreaks

OK, now on to a device that gives immediate results on new outbreaks. Zeno is a small pocket-sized device that has a tip that heats up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. You place it on your pimple for two and half minutes and it noticeably shrinks them or at least stops them from getting any bigger by killing the acne-causing bacteria. If you use it on pimples early, you can really stop them in their tracks! It is a great device that works for me. If you read the reviews on Amazon, I’m not the only one.

Note: This is a professional review site that receives compensation from the retailer or manufacturer when you purchase through the affiliate links such as the ones below. I test and/or research each product or service thoroughly before endorsing it. This site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Now, before you say that my blog is just an advertisement for Zeno, let me talk about a few things I hate about it.  First is the cost.  Basically, you have to keep buying a new tip after it “runs out”, which is a totally artificial means to gain revenue.

Second, the quality of the new version of this has been very bad. There are many reviews of units that are dead on arrival. In fact, the one I ordered didn’t work so I had to return it!

But, it noticeably shrinks larger pimples within minutes and can completely eliminate the smaller ones if you catch them early, which is what I recommend doing. No, it’s not a cure, but the heat does help shrink pimples almost immediately.

3. Murad Acne Treatments

I’m currently using the Murad line of skin care products and I like them:

I would especially recommend the Murad Acne Clarifying Cleanser for washing your face, and the Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix for treating breakouts. The Spot Fast Fix really works to reduce the size of outbreaks unlike any other topical treatment I’ve tried. Yes, these are expensive, but they worked for me. But, you need to do the other things on this list too – these products won’t get rid of acne by themselves.

4. Drink Lots of Water

I’ve also heard that drinking plenty of water is good for your skin. I don’t have proof, but it makes sense.

5. Have Clean Pillowcases and Sheets

Living alone and being single, I was often lazy about changing my pillowcases regularly. But, now I make it more of a priority since hearing that acne-causing bacteria can live in your pillowcase and cause breakouts.

6. Drain Pimples (by a professional)

You have to go to a professional dermatologist to do this, or you can do it at places that offer facials like Massage Envy, which is where I go once a month.  Cost is about $60/month with membership.

7. Reduce Stress

I’ve definitely see a correlation between stress and my acne breakouts. Stress may not be completely avoidable, but keep in mind that stress is known to cause all kinds of ailments if exposed to it for long periods.  If you are continually stressed out, you might want to look into ways to change your lifestyle to decrease it (yes, easier said than done, but maybe it’s worth thinking creatively about it for a while).

Not Recommended

Antibiotics (Tetracycline) will clear up my skin like magic, but it’s really bad to take antibiotics unless you really need them, so I don’t recommend this treatment.

I took Accutane as a teenager.  It was supposed to be a permanent cure, but I’m still struggling with acne now.  Now they are finding out it has some potentially bad side-effects.  Great.

What Have You Tried?

Well, that’s my regimen. With so many prescription and non-prescription acne treatments/soaps/creams out there, these are the treatments that have worked for me. I hope these techniques help you look your best. Please let me know about any solutions that have worked for you!!  I would love to try them. – Brian


  1. Hello Brian,
    Thank you for the tips. I have been struggling with acne since I was 9 (which is only half of my life.) Here are some the the things that have brought long lasting results for me:

    First of all, exercise is a natural stress reliever, and it also helps to balance hormonal flareups because your body releases endorphins when you exercise.

    Second, boosting your immune system with foods that are high in vitamins and minerals with help your skin prevent and fight off the bacterial infections that cause acne. I recommend lots of raw fruits and vegetables (especially garlic and citrus), 8 ounces of plain greek yogurt, a tablespoon of raw ground flaxseed, a tablespoon of flaxseed oil, a teaspoon of raw organic molasses, a tablespoon of raw honey, and a tablespoon (with every meal) of raw organic apple cider vinegar everyday. (Heat kills enzymes and some vitamins.) I would dilute the ground flaxseed, molasses, and honey in water. The flaxseed oil and AC vinegar make a good salad dressing. Be careful with boosting your immune system, though. You might not get any sick days. 😉 (Also, since most of these foods are high in acid and sugar, make sure you brush your teeth after eating them.)

    Third, as far as topical treatments go, I would add that it is equally important to rinse your face with cold water to close your pores as it is to clean them out with hot water. (This helps to keep the oil slick from happening as quickly, too.) The reason your body produces so much oil on your skin is because it needs oil to stay healthy. Raw extra virgin olive oil and witch hazel will help you keep a balance naturally. I recommend massaging your face with the EVO oil before you wash it with hot water. After you rinse with cold water, spread the witch hazel all over your face to cut down on redness, excess oil, and the dry stiff “just washed” feeling. Tea tree oil is very strong, but if you have deep acne, it may help as an antiseptic after the witch hazel. Personally, it irritates my face. Another topical treatment that is good to do once a week are clay masks. They act as a sort of exchange, taking out the dirt, bacteria, and oil, while replenishing your skin with trace minerals.

    Fourth, avoid touching your face to minimize the bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with in the first place.

    Hope this helps.


    • Hi Michaela,

      Thank you so much for these awesome tips! I will definitely give them a try. Reading your post, I realize how much I was trying man-made solutions, whereas many of yours are natural. Thanks so much and take care!!!


  2. Hi Brian,

    Really just wanted to say i APPRECIATE ur site and all the knowledge u’ve supplied. I dont find u to be someone motivated to do this site for any other reason than to help others which i find admirable and pure. Please continue the great work because your definitely making a POSITIVE impact on (the web) society: all anyone earnest hopes to do in life.

    God Bless you my friend.

    (Was curious, i’ve found an affiliation with chocolate consumption and acne… Wondering if thats a problem for you too? I also recommend Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, it works for me, use it 2x /day)

    • Hi Pete,

      Thank you for your kind words! And, thank you for your tips.. I don’t eat much chocolate so I haven’t discovered that correlation, but I’ve heard of that before, so I am not surprised.

      God Bless you too!


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